Updating the dropdowns on user selection in DynamicForms

Dec 8, 2010 at 4:02 PM


I came accross your project currently we dynamically create the forms which is database driven, but there is lot of custom logic on this dynamic forms based on what the user selects and what access the user has to see certain sections of the form or based on the selection criteria on the form, and its getting tougher to because of lot of if else logic. we are thinking of rewriting in the Asp.net mvc, can you provide the design solution for the database for this controls and also how to handle this custom logic for the dynamic forms which are generated and changes based on the user selection like the dropdown values or the sections like that.

there could be 20 different forms that could be generated, we want to have the custom logic to be modularize so that the code can be easily maintanable on the server side or the client side.

since these dynamic forms are all forwared and generated in the same View what would be the best design to modularized of this custom logic so that it can be maintanable.

our forms is divided into sections and each section will have the questions and subquestions just to give an idea how are forms are for you to help me with the right design of the database and the architecture of the code.

Thanks your help is greatly appreciated